Fiction / April 14, 2021

Something About Stan

What qualifies as a monster? Is it a furry, slimy, or scale-plated fictional creature covered in flecks and fragments of the skin and bone of recently devoured victims? Is it a demon, straight from the depths of Hell, entering-then-possessing the bodies of helpless souls? Bending said souls to its will—puppeteering the spitting of green bile […]

Fiction / March 3, 2021

Finger Lickin’

George’s glass of water is warm; the air conditioning blowing against the back of his neck sends shivers down his spine; there’s a light wobble to his table, but he’ll hold his judgment until the bill is paid because he is hungrier than a dog at a deli shop.

Fiction / February 24, 2021


The roots of this story likely go back much further than anyone involved in it would care to admit.

Fiction / February 18, 2021

Open The Door

Marlow was the first to notice the faint outline of something moving across the open fields…

Fiction / February 14, 2021

Try On a Mask

In the daytime, the masks lining the wall of Clyde’s Barber Shop garner little, if any notice. At night, on the other hand, they draw the eye.